Past Fashion Business Videos

Financing an Omni Channel Fashion Business
Presented By: Tim Moore, Hilldun Corp
Supply Chain of the Future
Presented By: Nancy Marino, Columbus Consulting
The Future of Digital Marketing
Presented By: Madison Fiore, Hawke Media
Protecting Your Brand and the New Rules for Influencer Marketing
Presented By: Danielle Garno, Cozen O’Connor
Fashion's Rebound, the Importance of Having the Right Accounting Relationship
Presented By: Stuart Mayer, Prager Metis
State & Local Taxes: How Fashion Businesses Can Maintain an Edge and Mitigate Risk
Presented By: Chris Vignone, PM Business Advisors
Experiential Branding and How to Reach Your Customer Post COVID-19
Presented By: David Pilnick
Fashion Brand Building & Strategic Sales
Presented By: Steve Trayner, Barbarian Marketing
The Future of Sustainability
Presented By: Kristen Kern, AAFA
How to Build a Successful International Fashion Brand
Presented By: Mariam Bin Mahfouz, Julian Chang and Viviana Gabeiras

Past Meet the Fashionistas Videos

Dr. Courtney A. Hammonds
Dr. Courtney A. Hammonds personifies the definition of a renaissance man. With over 20 years of professional experience in multiple industries, Hammonds has built a solid reputation as a multi-gifted and multi-purposed professional in his roles as a global educator, style expert, lifestyle consultant, and author.
Cece Feinberg
For over 20 years Cece Feinberg has been at the forefront of fashion PR. Bringing together a unique mix of art, fashion, and luxury clients. Continuously delivering prestige value that defines and propels brands into that elusive and exclusive luxury market.