Fashion & Retail Entrepreneurial Business Management Program

The Global Fashion Business Alliance is at the crossroads of creativity, innovation, art and commerce. We prepare fashion brands for success in our new world.

About GFBA

The Global Fashion Business Alliance (GFBA),is a fashion and retail business development organization. The GFBA is an outgrowth of The Fashion Business Association of America (FBAA) representing a larger geographic footprint and has created a Virtual Fashion Education program for entrepreneurs, designers, and companies within the international fashion and retail industry.

The GFBA provides programs to designers and entrepreneurs in emerging markets with best practices and guidance in building sustainable businesses as well as offer advanced individual and cohort based training and support focused on scaling, internationalization, and all aspects of brand and company growth.

The GFBA has a strategic partnership and collaboration with the Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN). GEN fosters cross platform collaboration among entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, policymakers, and ecosystem builders to scale businesses in over 180 countries.

Fashion & Retail Entrepreneurial Business Management Program

The GFBA has launched an 8 week virtual Fashion & Retail Entrepreneurial Business Management Program. It is accessible online, anytime, regardless of geographical region.

The Fashion & Retail Entrepreneurial Business Management Program provides the latest information, contacts and resources in collaboration with North America’s top consultants in finance and factoring, supply chain management, digital marketing and retail technologies, legal issues for protecting your brand, accounting, taxes and compliance, experiential branding, marketing and merchandising, and building a sustainable brand.

The Fashion & Retail Entrepreneurial Business Management Program is aimed at all professional levels in the industry - from founders and directors to managers, showroom sales account executives, entry-level associates and students studying fashion design, marketing and merchandising. Professionals with diverse industry backgrounds (fashion, retail, design, beauty, cosmetics, media, art, gastronomy, etc.) and with high levels of creativity are welcome to join.

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Live Webinar Series

Our webinar series, started in 2020, is hosted by Beth Sobol, founder and CEO of the GFBA and has featured top fashion business experts from the United States representing respected organizations such as Hilldun Corporation, American Apparel & Footwear Association (AAFA), Columbus Consulting, PM Business Advisors, Prager Metis CPAs, Pilnick & Associates, Reed Smith LLC., and The Barbarian Agency.

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The Global Fashion Business Alliance (GFBA) has an on-going LIVE webinar series every two weeks, on Wednesdays at 2:00 pm ET, 1:00 pm CT, and 11:00 am PT. We showcase impressive, interesting and inspiring fashion experts as they share their stories and experiences on the front line. These guest speakers include: the visionaries, the doers, the disruptors, from all facets of the fashion landscape (apparel, footwear, accessories, etc.) from the US and around the world as well as the ancillary industries that support them in technology, sustainability, logistics, public relations, marketing, etc.

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Current Partners

Hilldun Columbus Consulting IP Wisely Reed Smith Prager Metis PM Business Advisors Pilnick Associates The Barbarian Agency Ron Thurston Retail Pride

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GFBA’s virtual programs are designed to help drive the engagement and connections that propel your business to new heights. To learn more about our sponsorship opportunities and reach our global audience.

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GFBA Founder

Beth Sobol

Beth Sobol
Beth Sobol, founder and CEO of the GFBA is a premier fashion business expert and consultant with a focus on launching the careers of International emerging designers into the American market. Sobol is the founder of the original Miami Fashion Week, one of the top fashion weeks in the world, and developed the platform that gave thousands of international designers their initial launch into the American market. In 2015 she sold the brand to European investors and now focuses on developing educational programming for entrepreneurs in the fashion and retail brand markets.